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This page is dedicated to some of projects that are simple enough for most craft or sewing enthusiast to make.

Hope you find some inspiration to guide on your own upcycling journey.

upcycled wool hotwater bottle moustach

Eco Gifts- Hot Water Bottles

That particular time of the year is approaching fast.  People are stressing out about what to buy for each other and end …

customised denim shorts

Customised Denim Shorts

The classic festi staple is a pair of denim shorts. Actually, not just for festivals, they are a great all rounder for …

book collage vintage story

Story Book Collage

I loved the illustrations in this vintage story book. So I wanted to used them for a simple collage. Found some perfect …

dyed stitched distressed levis denim jacket

Customised & Dyed Denim

 Stitched and Repaired. I had these Levi’s denim jackets kicking about that needed a second life. I put them in the washing …

vhs video book dvd shelf diy

Video Casette Recycling

VHS Furniture Most materials are recyclable, but videos are a hard one to dispose of properly. In theory some of the parts …

feather hair clip

Sustainable Feather Accessories

Hair Clips. Even though feathers are natural and completely biodegradable they aren’t always ethical. Some birds, like the peacock are sometimes bred …

7" record vinyl fascinator

Vinyl Fascinators

Ready for the Races. I love a good fascinator. But I see nothing fun in those beige and boring “mother of the …