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tshirt dress red grey soft cotton handmade

Customised T-shirt Dresses

The things you can make from old t-shirts are endless! There are whole books and websites dedicated to the topic. I wanted …

bleach dye dress
bleach dye dress
bleach dye dress

To Dye For

Bleach Dyed Tiger Dresses. We all know that bleach isn’t very environmentally friendly. But if you can update a garment that you …

wedding silk dress


Wedding Dress With A Twist. Making someones wedding dress is always a little nerve wrecking. The pressure to get it right and …

embroidered table runner made into a dress

Summer Collection

Ethnic Prints and Folky Fabrics. For the summer I wanted to create a collection that was vibrant and casual but using some …

made to order blue bow dress


Blue Bow Dress. Lucia wanted something stylish for a wedding. Again, I used my basic pattern that I also used for this …

luxury eco clothing grey pink dolly dress

Upcycling At Its Best

Luxury Eco Clothing. The dolly dress was created from the same pattern I used for these dresses. But with this one I …

pink jersey cotton one of fairy dress

Fairy Dress

 Jersey T-shirt Dress. I really enjoyed making this dress. After collecting a few t-shirts in the same pinkish tones, I cut them …

one off 20s inspired pleated blue dress


One Off Dress. I really liked the fabric of a 70’s polyester number, but the cut was terrible. So I cut it …

customised wedding dress

From Mother to Daughter

Customised Wedding Dress. My friend Deniz wanted me to customise her mothers wedding dress for her own wedding.  I wish I had …