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made to order customised embroidered ants insect jeans denim

Customised Jeans

Repair and Embroidery. Everyone loves a pair of jeans. Whatever the cut might be is a personal choice, but when I find …

made to order customised suit

Customised Two Piece Suit

Made to Order Pimped-Up Suit. I like guys and girls in suits. But sometimes they can be a little formal and plain. …

eco fashion show dress suit

Eco Fashion Show

Brighton Fashion. My collection for Brighton Fashion Week also got showcased at a local Eco Fashion Show. Modeled by local students.

brighton fashion week catwalk show leftover dress

Brighton Fashion Week

Leftover Threads Showcase. After two months of hard work I managed to get a collection together for Brighton Fashion Week. I wanted …

upcycled eco customised bug applique blue sweatshirt

Sweatshirt Applique

Beetles and Dragons. This is one easy way to update your old plain sweatshirts. Pick a shape silhouette or similar, decide on …

yellow tutu frilly pants shorts

Meet JC

This is JC. Don’t think I know another guy that looks so good in a tu-tu. These are more like big frilly …