Vinyl Fascinators

Ready for the Races.

I love a good fascinator. But I see nothing fun in those beige and boring “mother of the bride” numbers. If I was going to make them they had to be made from found trinkets, lost toys and records of course.

The 7″ vinyl makes a perfect base to embellish. First, I put them in the oven on a low heat so they go a bit soft. This makes them easier to shape.

This batch was made with netting, buttons and feathers and the occasional frog, rat or cat!

Available made to order or sometimes in my Etsy Shop

Screen Printing and Bleach Dyeing

I have always wanted to have a go at screen printing.  Of course it had to be creepy crawlies.

We developed three different images. Stag beetle, rain beetle and a flying ant.

Before printing I sprayed some of the t-shirts with a bleach+water solution for more depth. Here are the results.


Upcycled Steamer Earrings

Hot and Steamy!

Brighton and Hove residents can recycle their old metal pots and pans with Magpie Recycling, or drop them off at Shabitat. Sometimes the odd broken vegetable steamer end up there too. If one or two of the “leaves” are missing it can’t be resold so I tried to think of any other ways they could be reused.

Necklace to come!

I do have more of these, so get in touch if you want a pair.

Updated Jacket with Simple Applique

Customised Jackets.

What to do with plain jacket lacking character? Embellish them of course!

The floral print fabric on these jackets were cut out from old curtains. I then used the zigzag setting on the machine to do as satin stitch around the motif. Simple but effective!

Customising T-Shirts

Customised Tie Back Top.


So many different style tops can be made with a simple t-shirt. Here is open ties back one that I made in the summer. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take any step by step photo instructions, but hopefully it will still make sense.


  • Cut away the neckline and some of the back leaving some seam allowance.
  • Fold the new hem 2cm and sew leaving a hollow tube all the way along.
  • Crop sleeves to desired length.
  • From the leftover fabric cut a  5cm wide piece long enough to fit through the tube with a little excess to tie. You might have to stitch two pieces together to create a long enough piece.
  • Thread through the tube, adjust and tie.

Modelled by the beautiful Yasemin.

How to Upcycle a Patchwork Blanket

Remade Blanket Skirt.

This was a hand knitted granny blanket that I really liked the colours of. I unpicked the seam in the middle of the blanket and added a stretchy jersey waistline.

Perfect for this winter.