Upcycling At Its Best

Luxury Eco Clothing.

The Dolly Dress was created from the same pattern I used for these dresses.

But with this one I choose more luxurious fabrics.

Gorgeous Yasemin modelling again.


Eco Cotton Fairy Dress

Jersey T-shirt Dress.

There is something really satisfying about a pile of jersey tops aIl in the same tones waiting to be  cut up and re-assembled. Thats probably why I enjoyed making this dress so much.

I started by putting the one I wanted as a top on the dressmaking dummy. The other pieces was then cut up and one by one pinned onto the hem to make up the skirt part.

Pretty pleased with the outcome. I want to make one in washed out grey next. If you want one in your desired colours, let me know!

What Coco Said

Why follow trends? They are only made up for you to shop more. Break the cycle! Take a pledge, buy secondhand or upcycled only for a year. (Ok underwear is allowed). But other than that we probably don’t really need to top up our wardrobe.  Organise a clothes swap, or have some retail therapy in a charity shop if you really have to. Join one of our classes and learn how to customise.  The devil is in the detail, so dig out all your old scarves hats and necklaces and get accessorising.

Who wants to look like everyone else anyway. Like Coco Chanel said; “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

Customised Wedding Dress

From Mother to Daughter.

My friend Deniz wanted me to customise her mothers wedding dress for her own wedding.  I wish I had a photo of the original but I don’t. It had long sleeves and a high collared neckline. After a bit of butchering here is the outcome…

Modelled by Joanna.

Do you have a heirloom dress that you want customised to fit you? Get in touch!

Custom Corset Dresses

Sustainable Eco Fashion.

I wanted to get the lovely ladies Aji and Ruth who kindly modelled for me at Brighton Fashion Week in for a photo shoot. Thank you ladies, you both look stunning!

Eco Fashion Show

Brighton Fashion.

My collection for Brighton Fashion Week also got showcased at a local Eco Fashion Show.

Modeled by local students.