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Upcycled Mutton Sleeve Statement Tassel Jacket with Gold Sequin Leopard

Baroque Matador Jackets

I do love a good collaboration. These jackets were a joint effort with the super talented upcycling label Red Mutha. These guys …

denim jacket Karl Marx fringing

Customised Denim Jackets

I love working with denim. Especially embellishing denim jackets. It’s a great way to use all those beautiful little trimmings, borders and …

embellished suit jacket

Embellished Jackets

The world is overflowing with textiles! We buy them, wear for a bit, then get rid of them, either by donating to …

dyed stitched distressed levis denim jacket

Customised & Dyed Denim

 Stitched and Repaired. I had these Levi’s denim jackets kicking about that needed a second life. I put them in the washing …

made to order customised suit

Customised Two Piece Suit

Made to Order Pimped-Up Suit. I like guys and girls in suits. But sometimes they can be a little formal and plain. …

Applique floral khaki jacket

Updated Jacket with Simple Applique

Customised Jackets. What to do with plain jacket lacking character? Embellish them of course! The floral print fabric on these jackets were …

eco fashion show dress suit

Eco Fashion Show

Brighton Fashion. My collection for Brighton Fashion Week also got showcased at a local Eco Fashion Show. Modeled by local students.

blue wool jacket black frill

Embellished Wool Jacket

I love the shape of this jacket. But it was a little plain. So I added some frilly fringing and lace. Also …