Acid Smiley Jumpers

In preparation for the festival season we always try to stock up on one of our staples, the upcycled acid smiley. We use 100% cotton salvage sweatshirts or high quality wool jumpers. Each circle, eyes and mouth are then hand cut from leftover jumpers and fabrics and machine stitched in place. No print here! Each one is hence a complete one off.

Equally loved by old rave dads as well as young and hip millennials like Satya here. You can have your very own made by sending us your jumper that you want embellished or get in touch to see what we currently have in stock.

Festival Bra Tops

June is finally here and its officially summer!  Not long until Glastonbury, which is our first stop this year. These neon bra-tops are an ideal festival staple for this summer. Flattering and fun! Modelled by the lovely Leah. Hat and feathers by Feathered Fantasy.






Screen Printing and Bleach Dyeing

I have always wanted to have a go at screen printing.  Of course it had to be creepy crawlies.

We developed three different images. Stag beetle, rain beetle and a flying ant.

Before printing I sprayed some of the t-shirts with a bleach+water solution for more depth. Here are the results.


Customising T-Shirts

Customised Tie Back Top.


So many different style tops can be made with a simple t-shirt. Here is open ties back one that I made in the summer. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take any step by step photo instructions, but hopefully it will still make sense.


  • Cut away the neckline and some of the back leaving some seam allowance.
  • Fold the new hem 2cm and sew leaving a hollow tube all the way along.
  • Crop sleeves to desired length.
  • From the leftover fabric cut a  5cm wide piece long enough to fit through the tube with a little excess to tie. You might have to stitch two pieces together to create a long enough piece.
  • Thread through the tube, adjust and tie.

Modelled by the beautiful Yasemin.

The Most Sustainable Denim

Real Eco Clothing

People sometimes ask me my opinion on which sustainable brand is the best. I say the one that was never produced anything in the first place. Even the most eco brands use resources and water to grow and produce their garments.  Choose second hand, choose vintage and choose upcycled. It’s the most eco of all your options. There is plenty to go around.

Here we have my good friend Yasemin modelling for me. Denim skirt made from a pair of red denim trousers. No extra pesticides or water used. Jersey top customised for kids pyjama tee. No sweatshop labour. Hat vintage. All locally sourced made in our studio powered by green energy and cups of peppermint tea.

Sweatshirt Applique

Beetles and Dragons.

This is one easy way to update your old plain sweatshirts.

  • Pick a shape silhouette or similar, decide on size and find a piece of fabric big enough for it.
  • Get some Bondaweb and iron onto the back of the fabric.
  • Draw the shape onto the back of the Bondaweb.
  • Cut out, iron on to your garment.

I always sew the outlines on the machine too as washing the garment will cause the bondaweb glue to come undone. Experiment with some freestyle machine stitching over it too for more depth.