Remade Jersey Dress

I didn’t really plan to do a colour coordinated photo shoot, but it turned out that way. Great!!

  • The jersey dress in the first photo is made from a black vest top and a red t-shirt that I have added to the bottom of it. I simply cut out the neckline on the red tee big enough to fit around the hem of the black vest top. Then cut up underarm seams to release the sleeve.
  • Deniz is wearing an applique vest top with a red twisted denim skirt.


Twisted T-shirts

A Sleeve Is a Neckline Is a Sleeve.

Here is another easy and fun t-shirt upcycling idea. These are all ordinary tees that I have turned 90 degrees and made the neckline into the sleeve. The original sleeve ends up as a shoulder tie and waist tie. Fun project to do with those old tees. No sewing skills needed.

Modeled by the lovely Mary.

Experimental Applique Tops


I wanted to experiment with some vest tops I had to hand as they didn’t really offer much of a look as they were. They had a string vest like netting on the top and a contrasting block colour underneath.

I started with some top stitching on machine and by hand and then cut out sections of the top layer to reveal the base layer.

This could easily be done by adding various bits of fabric on top of an ordinary top and then stitched and cut away. Maybe a button or two for good measures.

Subversive Clothing

Just an excuse to use this background really.

Modeled by Miss Gillman

Upcycled Denim Skirt

Twisted Jeans.

Another pair of black jeans turned into a one off a kind creation.

Remade Denim Skirts

Denim Skirts With A Twist.

1000’s of jeans are being discarded everyday. Sometimes it is the crotch or the knees that are worn out but mostly there is nothing wrong with them other than the fact that they either don’t fit or aren’t fashionable anymore.

I like to unpick denim trousers and put them back together in ways you can still see what they were before but now turned into skirts or dresses. Here are a few samples modelled by Deniz.