Oh the English language! Sometimes so rich with its vocabulary and diversity in words, and sometimes just so limiting. When you say trousers I think of something fairly formal or plain or maybe a pair of jeans at a push.(Even though jeans are jeans right?) When you say pants I think of underwear-knickers- as I live in the UK.  So what do you call them when they are casual, comfortable hippy pants? Sorry trousers just doesn’t sound right. I want to call them slacks! I know what slacks are. They are trousers. So lets call slacks trousers and funky printed comfy slackers trousers slacks. Deal? Thanks.

Here are some slacking slacks I have been making. They are unisex. Sorry guys no pictures yet but will post some up soon as soon as I can find a model. All upcycled from 80’s-90’s bed-sheets and curtains. All one of a kind or super limited edition.

eco frirendly sustainable cotton trousers slacks pants


Jeans Customisation and Repair Service

Have you got a pair of old jeans that you love and are holding on to even though they are in shreds? Why not give them a second life by having them customised and repaired to your own specifications.

This is Brian’s bum. His favourite jeans were falling apart so we added a few patches which gave them a subtle splash of colour.

Want yours done? Get in touch!

Customised Jeans

Repair and Embroidery.

Everyone loves a pair of jeans. Whatever the cut might be is a personal choice, but when I find a pair I love, I wear them until they are shreds. The places that tends to wear out first are usually pockets, crotch, and knees. So instead of getting rid of them why not repair them? Add some contrast fabrics, hand/machine embroidery etc.

Not sure how to do it yourself?  You can post them to us and we will return them to you with some added pizazz.