Jersey Straps for Face Masks


These soft jersey straps are ideal if you have to wear your mask for prolonged periods.

Our masks comes with elastic loops that sits behind the ears. This makes it easier to take your mask on and off. Ideal for going to the shops and use on public transport.

If you have to wear your mask for longer period like 4hrs +, or if you don’t like the feel of elastic you can exchange them with a strap that ties behind the head.

You can thread the strap through the same channels the elastics are in with a help of a safety pin without taking the elastics out. Then simply tie behind your head.

For a demo on how to use check out our video here.

We like to use these straps that are made from recycled cotton jersey t-shirts. You can make your own by cutting up an old t-shirt or you can buy them ready cut from us.

Only one strap per mask needed.


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