How To Make Saline Face Mask Filters?

What is a saline filter?

This is a salt-infused filter that has a higher filtration efficiency than conventional mask filtration layers. The saline filter goes beyond blocking the virus, to potentially killing it if the virus breaks through the surface of the mask. Research into saline filters is ongoing and is led by biomedical engineer, Hyo-Jick Choi at the University of Alberta in Canada.

A salt infused face mask filter can easily be made at home.

To make around 8-10 filters you need;

Kitchen paper towel/ cotton fabric/  or  interfacing material or our pre cut filters

30 grams of salt.

100ml water


table salt

Dilute the salt in warm water.

Keep in mind the size of the the tissue to fit your mask filter pocket. Put it on clean surface like a plate. Spoon on saline solution until the paper towel/fabric is completely infused, fold and repeat until its the right size to fit inside your mask pocket. If using interfacing materials there is no need to fold.

Air-dry flat. When fully dry its ready to insert into your face mask pocket.

This is a recipe based on this research.