Festival Season 2017

Festival Season 2017

After last years challenging one I was in two mind about doing another season.  But as they say time is a great healer and I hadn’t come up with a grand plan to change career, plus I did think “can it be any worse than last year?” Not possible.  So yes, we did pack our bags and van and made it to six(!) different festivals. How did that happen?

shaboutique Glastonbury stall green fields

Well, I’m glad I did decide to do another season as the weather was (mostly) glorious! Especially Glastonbury. It was so dry people were complaining about the dust! (always something). We also finally got offered a pitch up in the Green Fields instead of down in the main market babylon. Yay! Its like a different festival up there…

glastonbury acid smiley

Latitude, Wilderness and Shambala were sunny too, but sadly Secret Garden Party did get some rain. It was the last one ever too! It was still lovely and it did clear up.

I also went along with Red Mutha to Bestival that now have moved from Isle of Wright to the mainland. I wanted to check out the new site, but we had one dry day and it rained, and rained… Mud bath! Luckily I only had half of rail of stock to pack and de-mud the other end.

bestival denim jackets

But all in all it was an great season in every aspect. Lots of new friend and happy clients.

Festival Season 2016

Festival Season 2016

Wow! Festival season 2016 is going down in history, and maybe not for the best reasons. The weather gods were definitely playing their wicked little games on us all. Torrential rain, mini tornado, you name it we had it!

We opened the season with Glastonbury where it had been raining non-stop for a whole week before we arrived. Out pitch was literary a lake. We waited 24 hrs with the set-up, but then it rained even more, so half of our shop was submerged. We had to beg borrow and steal some pallets to put down to make it possible to enter. Hay-bails, and tractor loads of wood chip were being delivered for the traders to use which were hardly making a difference. 7 days in that spot was challenging to say the least. I seriously thought I never wanted to trade at another festival!

Later on in July we had Latitude which was gloriously sunny which boosted the morale a little. Oh what a difference the weather makes!

Straight from Latitude we headed to Secret Garden Party. Still unbelievably sunny and hot. Half way through rigging our marquee big black clouds starts heading our way and within minutes it was raining like mad. That part was kind of nice and felt like we were on a tropical island in the monsoon. Suddenly the sky turned even darker and the wind picked up, we were standing under our marquee that didn’t have any walls yet and looking out over the traders opposite. Some of them started to shake and were being plucked like mushrooms by the powerful wind. Within seconds we were next. We tried to hold on to the marquee but we were lifting with it! We had to let go and watch this 6 by 4 meter structure end up in a tree 20 meters away. Even the empty clothes rails were moving! At this stage I was in the brace position on the ground. After a few more minutes rain and wind the sun came out and it was like nothing had ever happened. 4 other traders lost their marquees, and one person broke their nose by flying objects. Madness! Later on we were told it was actually confirmed as a mini tornado. I guess you don’t really see it when you are in it.

We had to make do with trading out of our 3 by 3 pop up kitchen/storage and another broken marquee we found. Luckily nobody got seriously injured and it was sunny for the rest of the weekend but a new marquee ain’t cheap. Ouch…

We finished the season with Shambala, which is always nice no matter the weather. Don’t need a big marquee for that one luckily as I trade as part of Crystal Vintage and the magic horsebox shop that is Gloria. So I guess we finished on a high but it was testing in every way possible. Career change? Hmmmmm…..



Summer Festival Season 2015

Summer Festival Season 2015

Another festival season bites the dust!  Glastonbury, Latitude, SGP, Boomtown Fair, Shambala and Number 6. This year you might have noticed that we have started trading under our shop name Shaboutique. Which also means we have other makers and designers under our roof.

shaboutique boomtown crew

shaboutique festival stall latitudeembellished jacket acid smiley stall

Glastonbury treated us to its usual al seasons weather with sun, rain, sun and rain. We were in the main market area this year rather than the Dance Field. I’m grateful to avoid the sound clash.  We also had the amazing bumbag queen Beksies Boutique with us. Check out her stuff. It’s the best bumbag you will ever own.

Two new ones on the cards this year was Latitude and Boomtown. Very different from each other I must point out. Whilst Latitude is a middle class family affair, Boomtown is as they put it themselves,  “a city of wonderment, theatre , escapism and community with breathtaking and intricate stages and streets just waiting to be discovered” We just wanted to shut shop and go and explore!

Feathered Fantasy was on board at Latitude and Boomtown this year. Always a pleasure!



Luxury Handmade Kimonos

Luxury Handmade Kimonos


The sun is out and summer is on its way. Our festival preparations are coming along nicely. We have been mainly busy with making our festival staple, the kimono cover up. It’s a more modern, casual and airy take on the classic Japanese variety. We use vintage saris, cotton sarongs, salvaged trims and a lot of love making these. They are all one of a kind statement pieces perfect for your summer festival or holiday wardrobe. These are all coming to the festival circuit with us, but if there is one you like, get in touch and grab it before it goes!

Modeled by the beautiful Lucinda Kennard. Feather headdresses by Feathered Fantasy.

Eco Kimonos

Eco Kimonos

Summer is here which also means festival season is here! So we have been busy making our best sellers; one off a kind sustainable kimonos ! We reuse vintage saris, cotton sarongs, silk scarfs and all sorts of other high quality that fabrics that come our way. We don’t buy new which obviously puts a strain on natural resources. The trims we source from end of roll haberdashery sales and from our travels.

Here we have the gorgeous eco warrior-poet-actress Amy Brangwyn modelling our first batch.

Available at our festival stall this summer. See our Facebook Page for dates.