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What We Offer

Wardrobe Surgery

We will sift through your wardrobe together, extracting items that no longer fit physically, fit your current style, or have sentimental value but simply are no longer worn; from here items will be selected to create new garments of your choosing. These one-of-a-kind pieces will be constructed out of the elements of previously loved garments from your own wardrobe.


Reupholstering an old family piece is a great way to honor the memory of a relative and create an heirloom for future generations.

It is not just a great way to keep history alive it also reduces our impact on the environment.  You can provide the fabric or choose from a great selection of vintage and end of roll fabrics at our studio.


Give your old clothes a new lease of life and learn some new sewing skills along the way.

Using what you already have at hand you can learn how to mend, customise, deconstruct, decorate, decoupage, distress, embellish and much more.



Baroque Matador Jackets
Baroque Matador Jackets

I do love a good collaboration. These jackets were a joint effort with the super talented upcycling label Red Mutha. These guys have been doing it since the 90's. They used have a shop in Brighton...

Patchwork Dresses
Patchwork Dresses

Only someone who knits or crochets will appreciate how long it takes to make a garment. So when I find discarded knitting projects I can't bare to see them go to waste. This piece started as a...


I’m Sibel

Leftover Threads was born out of the frustration with the unethically mass produced disposable fast fashion, combined with the desire to make original and unique pieces that are sustainable and stylish.  

I work with preloved clothing and end of roll textiles to create one of a kind pieces.