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customised embellished mirror jacket
mirrored jacket
  • Do you have clothes that look great on the hanger, but not so good when you try them on?
  • Are you holding onto unwearable items with sentimental value?
  • Do you need assistance in clearing your wardrobe and creating your true style, without losing beloved and cherished garments?

Our wardrobe can easily fill up with items we appreciate but don’t wear, or once worn constantly but now gathering dust. It can also be hard to understand your true style when it’s filled with distractions and mementos. How do you let go of garments that act and feel like old friends?

At our Brighton based studio we can help you with all your clothing customising and re-styling needs.

With over 20 years experience in designing, sewing and styling, we can provide everything from general repairs and alterations to complete wardrobe re-designs.

Complete Wardrobe Surgery

We will sift through your wardrobe together, extracting items that no longer fit physically, fit your current style, or have sentimental value but simply are no longer worn; from here items will be selected to create new garments of your choosing. These one-of-a-kind pieces will be constructed out of the elements of previously loved garments from your own wardrobe.

You can be part of the design process and tell us about the recurring problems you encounter with the cut and fit of your garments. We will breath new life into these items or simply make something previously un-wearable into an everyday favourite.

This is a perfect way to reduce your environmental impact and to bring honour to the textiles already in existence. Not only will you walk away with a new wardrobe, you will also save money and the planet.

dyed stitched distressed levis denim jacket
made to order customised embroidered ants insect jeans denim
made to order customised embroidered ants insect jeans denim
made to order customised embroidered ants insect jeans denim

*Buying one less t-shirt already saves as much drinking water a human can drink in 3 years! 2700 litres.

*Just increasing the lifespan of our clothes reduces all of their environmental impacts; for greenhouse gases, doubling the useful life of clothing from 1 year to 2, reduces emissions over the year by 24%.

After all the fashion industry is the third biggest polluter worldwide. Do your part; buy less new, look after your clothes, learn how to do repairs, do clothes swaps with your friends and wash on low temperatures.

custom made corset fairy dress
customised wedding dress
custom made corset fairy dress

Get in touch to book your appointment! We are based in Brighton UK, but we can also work with items posted to us. If you want to be a bigger part of the design process and learn some sewing skills along the way you can come to one of our Sewing and Customising Workshops

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