Hello Sailor Shorts!

High Waisted Shorts.

I wanted to make a flattering pair of high waisted shorts. A pattern that would work with various prints and colours. The buttons are what makes it I think!

Modeled by the beautiful Leah and Lottie, plus myself.

Can be made to order to your specific measurements in desired fabric/colour.

Retro Off Cut Purses

Pretty Purses.

I got given some lovely but very small pieces of 1950’s retro print fabrics. I had them for a while and wasn’t really sure what to make out of them. I had a little fabric purse that was wearing out so I decided to make not just one but a few! Fully lined too of course.

As I was on a roll, I used some leftover brocade and made some more. All available from my Etsy page.

Made To Order Summer Dresses

One Pattern Many Styles.

This is the first pattern that I have made from scratch using a 2D pattern cutting method. I used Winifred Aldrich’s book which was pretty easy to use.

Up until now I was either pinning the fabric on a dummy or copying the shape of  an existing garment to make a new piece.

After a few toiles, trials and mistakes I got there in the end. I wanted to create a pattern that I could adapt to various styles, ie long/short sleeve, a-line/full skirt and one that would work with different types of fabrics too. Here are four varieties all made from the same basic pattern. I’m pretty pleased.

If you would like one made to your very own measurements, get in touch!

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