Mid-Century Ben Chair Restoration

I do love a mid century Scandinavian chair. At the first glance you might think this is Danish, but Ben Chairs were actually made in Frome, Somerset in the late 60’s. They are recognised the world over for their fluid designs and use of bold colours alongside natural teak wood frames. So when I found this carver all on its own in Shabitat, looking all sad, I knew I had to give it a second life. These chairs would usually have a vinyl covering. Practical dining room furniture as you could simply wipe off any spillage.

vinatge ben chair for sale


So it was obvious this was not the original cover. Well used though looking at the state of it.

After taking the whole chair apart, it was a pleasure getting this ugly grey-green corduroy off it. I think Ben the chair was pretty pleased too.

The woodwork had some surface scratches too that was going to need much  attention.

Can of worms!




After hours of sanding by hand, I used a tinted wax to bring out the natural teak colour. I was well pleased I found a piece of retro damask (from Shabitat again)  that was just the right size for this project. Love it when that happens.

Well here it is in its full glory, happy with its new attire. Bold and beautiful again. Mid Century Restored vintage Ben Chair

Patchwork Tubchair No 8

Looking at my previous armchair post, it was nearly three years ago I upholstered one of these. Well overdue! I found a bag of ready cut pieces of material from the last chair, added a few new colours into it, mainly all from vintage velvet curtains.

I thought people would be over patchwork armchairs by now but it seems they still fly off the shelves! This one has already found a happy home in Saltdean.

Need one in your life made in your favourite colours? Get in touch


Reupholstered Patchwork Tubchair

It’s been too long since I reupholstered a tub chair. I love doing them as I can use off-cuts I have left from other projects plus the actual re-upholstery job on these are pretty straight forward. I always go for very bright colours but I have been told that even tough people like them it wouldn’t fit into their (beige) decor. So I made one in fairly neutral colours. Lets see if it will have any takers. Avalaible at Shabitat.

upholstery patchwork armchair cream oriental


Patchwork Armchair Upholstery

armchair upholstery service brighton




Ysanne and Peter had these old armchairs that were left from Ysanne’s grandad. The armchairs were comfortable and structurally fine so they just wanted to give them a second life buy having the patchwork magic done to them. Peter had already painted the wooden parts in a nice mat white.

Ysanne showed me some photos of her patio and we also talked about the color-scheme she had in mind. They dropped them off to me in Brighton so it was left to me to sort out the rest. I mainly used off-cuts I had from other upholstery projects and vintage curtains I sourced form Shabitat.

Pretty pleased with the outcome I have to say.  And so were Ysanne and Peter.


Do you have a family heirloom piece that needs a second life? Get in touch!

Patchwork patio chairs



Velvet Wing Back Armchair

I love making my patchwork upholstery chairs, but its time to move onto something different so I wanted to reupholster an old wing-back chair. We get them in at Shabitat fairly often. As all materials I use are reclaimed or end of roll, I never get big enough pieces to cover one large item. But instead of the patchwork approach I wanted to use a different colour for each panel of the chair.  Velvet curtains were my answer. Soft, mat and durable.

I have lost count on how many hours it took to finish but I’m quite pleased with the outcome!


Here it is in its new home. That only took 2 days!

velvet wingback armchair

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