Made to Order Giant Floor Cushions

I have lost count of how many of these giant floor cushions I have made and sold in Brighton. A lot of flats and houses in this town are very small, so it can be hard to fit enough seating. These cushions are ideal for those kind of spaces. Plus there is something quite cosy about a pile of cushions on the floor instead of a sofa. I have always wanted a cinema room filled with these… One day 😉


Synthetic stuffing isn’t very eco to produce and the natural ones are very expensive. However if people prefer these they can be used too.  My normal method is using recycling duvets. I make sure they are washed and clean before using them of course. The outer covers are made from old curtains,  end of roll, or any other fabric that are thick enough. I add a zip so they come of to wash as well. They are generally around 100 x100 cm and start from about £30 each depending on the fabrics used.

Can be found ready to buy in Shabitat depending on stock, or made with your desired fabrics.

If you need some of these in your life get in touch!

Cushion Cover Making Classes in Brighton

A great way to utilise smaller bits of fabrics is cushion making.

You could either sew a patchwork top with the smaller pieces you have, or if you have big enough pieces (half of a meter should be plenty)  create a simple cushion cover with a zip like these below. Not experienced in sewing?  We run cushion cover making classes at our Brighton based shop.  Check out our workshops page for dates.

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