Labour of Love

Dark Fairy Godmother Dress.

I got asked to take part in this years Brighton Fashion Week. How exciting!  The only thing I need to come up with now is a 10 piece collection. Eeeek!

I had to start somewhere, so I started with a black corset top that I had lying around. The idea was to turn it into a tutu like dress. Something a dark fairy god mother would wear. I experimented with different techniques in hand embroidery and added lots of mother of peal buttons.

Don’t really want to think about how many hours I spent on this piece, but it was not done in a week, I can tell you that.

Watch this space to see how it all turns out. Still got until June so no pressure, right?

Fiona Soe Paing

Sometimes I take on fun commissions too, like creating stage outfits for eclectic performers. Electronic producer and singer Fiona Soe Paing wanted a white dress that she could project her visuals onto whist on stage.

I used plastic piping to make the hoops and white lycra to create this piece.

Remade Jersey Dress

I didn’t really plan to do a colour coordinated photo shoot, but it turned out that way. Great!!

  • The jersey dress in the first photo is made from a black vest top and a red t-shirt that I have added to the bottom of it. I simply cut out the neckline on the red tee big enough to fit around the hem of the black vest top. Then cut up underarm seams to release the sleeve.
  • Deniz is wearing an applique vest top with a red twisted denim skirt.


Subversive Clothing

Just an excuse to use this background really.

Modeled by Miss Gillman

Old Jeans into New Dress

Upcycled Denim Dress.

My lovely friend Jess asked me if I could make her a dress in the style of the upcycled skirts that I had previously made. I tried to keep all the key features of the jeans.

Here is the outcome.

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