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eco sustainable upcycled handmade summer kimono

Luxury Handmade Kimonos

  The sun is out and summer is on its way. Our festival preparations are coming along nicely. We have been mainly …

made to order customised embroidered ants insect jeans denim

Customised Jeans

Repair and Embroidery. Everyone loves a pair of jeans. Whatever the cut might be is a personal choice, but when I find …

embroidered table runner made into a dress

Summer Collection

Ethnic Prints and Folky Fabrics. For the summer I wanted to create a collection that was vibrant and casual but using some …

hand embroidered layered button fairy dress

Labour of Love

Dark Fairy Godmother Dress. I got asked to take part in this years Brighton Fashion Week. How exciting!  The only thing I …

layered stitching applique

Experimental Applique Tops

Layers. I wanted to experiment with some vest tops I had to hand as they didn’t really offer much of a look …