Upholstered Armchair For Nursery

My good friends Dan and Millie are about to have a baby. Consequently they are going to need a nursing chair. Fortunately they had found an armchair that they found comfortable but needed recovering. Millie had these fab pair of curtains that she wanted to re-purpose so all that was left to me was to put the pieces together. I think little D is going to approve.

If you have an armchair that you want reupholstered, contact us!

Video Casette Recycling

VHS Furniture

Most materials are recyclable, but videos are a hard one to dispose of properly. In theory some of the parts are recyclable but they need to be screwed apart and separated which is very labour intensive for materials with no real value.

Do you still have a lot of VHS cassettes that you don’t know what to do with?

Well here is some inspiration.

You will need;

  • VHS cassettes
  • Small Philips screwdriver
  • Contact Adhestive
  • A flat surface

Figure out what you want to make and how many tapes you will need by experimenting with various shapes.

Unscrew the cassettes and take the tapes wheels out from the inside. This will make them a bit lighter as the more tapes you glue together the heavier they will be.

Screw them back together. (I used only 2-3 screws for this)

Lay your design on a flat surface

Spread a thin layer of contact adhesive on each surface you want to glue to each other. Do this one by one as you don’t want the glue to dry.  Don’t wipe off any excess. Let it dry and peel it off later.

You might need to wait for the table top to dry fully before attaching legs etc. This might take 12 hrs to set properly. Make sure its not sticking to your surface either.

Good luck!

vhs table glue diy

More Patchwork Upholstery!

Patchwork Armchairs.

Well the first two armchairs I upholstered found homes pretty quickly, so I made another one!

Using different colour fabrics of course. Yes, they can be made to order. Just get in touch.

Upholstery Project No.1

Patchwork Tub Chair.

I finally got around to reupholster some armchairs. Hurrah!!

I chose these tub chairs as they are probably one of the easiest shapes to do if you are a novice like me. I used a variety of vintage curtain fabrics like brocades and velvets.

Pretty happy with the outcome I have to say.

More to come. Watch this space!

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