Hoods & Wristwarmers

Keep Warm!

Here are some more winter warmers. All made from old lambswool jumpers lined with the softest jersey t-shirt fabric.

Modelled by the lovely Lottie.

Eco Snoods and Wrist Warmers

Magpie Recycling¬†ends up with a load of old woollen jumpers that people either shrink in the wash or can’t be bothered/ don’t know how to repair. Natural wool is such a high quality material compare to acrylic yarns that are made synthetically, I can’t bare putting them in the textile recycling for rags. They have so much more to offer!

If they have passed the stage of being a jumper, this is one way of re-purposing them.The wrist warmers are made from the sleeves obviously.  The snood is made from the body part of the jumper and lined with a soft jersey so the inside is nice and soft against your skin. Snug.

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