Upcycled Festival Fascinators

Its still officially festival season and our upcycled 7″ vinyl fascinators are still available in our Etsy shop! Grab em whilst they are there!

7″ Vinyl Fascinators

Here are the latest collection of our upcycled vinyl fascinators.

Modeled by the lovely Sharon. All available apart for the egg. I’m keeping that one for myself!

Vinyl Fascinators

Ready for the Races.

I love a good fascinator. But I see nothing fun in those beige and boring “mother of the bride” numbers. If I was going to make them they had to be made from found trinkets, lost toys and records of course.

The 7″ vinyl makes a perfect base to embellish. First, I put them in the oven on a low heat so they go a bit soft. This makes them easier to shape.

This batch was made with netting, buttons and feathers and the occasional frog, rat or cat!

Available made to order or sometimes in my Etsy Shop

Hand Embellished Hat and Jacket

Made to Order Luxury Jacket and Hat.

Kim works for the sustainability team at the Council. She wanted me to make her a striking stage outfit. We decided on a blue-purple colour palette.  I think I got a little carried away with the beading. Hours and days later I stopped. She was very pleased with the outcome and had great comments from the crowd. Yay!

Trinket Upcycling

Button Brooches.

Do you have odd bits of broken jewellery lying in a drawer that you don’t want to get rid of because of sentimental reasons? Earrings, beads, pendants, chains all are usable in this project. I had some, glass charms, buttons, bits of chain, doll shoes and fabric that I used to make these little brooches.

All you have to buy is the brooch pin with holes in them. Then by stitching on or using wire, attach your old bits of jewellery that you want to use. The possibilities are endless!

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