Patchwork Dresses

Only someone who knits or crochets will appreciate how long it takes to make a garment. So when I find discarded knitting projects I can’t bare to see them go to waste.

This piece started as a beginners knitting project accidentally boiled in the washing machine. By simply cutting out a hole for the neck, adding some jersey and sewing up the side seams it turned into an oversize dress/top. The added crochet patches finishes it nicely.

Next up is a neatly crocheted baby blanket in yummy colours turned into this stylish little number. Instead of sewing, this one was crocheted together at then side seam, hem and neckline for a neater finish.

Last but not least is this pastel number salvaged from a crochet patchwork blanket. I actually managed to get two dresses out of this one. Worn here with our pompom wooly robe.

If you have a similar project tucked away somewhere, why not turned into something wearable? Or maybe just a cushion cover if you inner hippy is a little shy.

Eco Gifts- Hot Water Bottles

That particular time of the year is approaching fast.  People are stressing out about what to buy for each other and end up getting something completely random and unwanted. One thing to take in to consideration is how much we buy around Christmas and how much of it goes pretty much straight to the bin -or the charity shop – best case scenario.

Consider getting something secondhand, remade, upcycled, organic or edible. I have been covering some hot water bottles with old woolen jumpers. You can make these pretty easily yourself or you can buy them in Shaboutique.

Lets consume a little less this Christmas shall we?


Acid Smiler Jumpers

I embellished three oversized hippy jumpers with acid smilers a couple of years ago to take to festivals. They got snapped up straight away!  So now we make them in different colours on sweatshirts and jumpers. Still all made from 100% reclaimed textiles of course. We only use high quality jumpers and sweatshirts and all the smilers are cut out and ironed on by hand and then satin stitched by one of our crew. Here we have Shabitat’s very own George modelling the latest batch for us.

Check out our Etsy Shop. Sometimes we have some in stock. If not, then get in touch and we can make one to order in your choice of colours.

Hoods & Wristwarmers

Keep Warm!

Here are some more winter warmers. All made from old lambswool jumpers lined with the softest jersey t-shirt fabric.

Modelled by the lovely Lottie.

Eco Snoods and Wrist Warmers

Magpie Recycling ends up with a load of old woollen jumpers that people either shrink in the wash or can’t be bothered/ don’t know how to repair. Natural wool is such a high quality material compare to acrylic yarns that are made synthetically, I can’t bare putting them in the textile recycling for rags. They have so much more to offer!

If they have passed the stage of being a jumper, this is one way of re-purposing them.The wrist warmers are made from the sleeves obviously.  The snood is made from the body part of the jumper and lined with a soft jersey so the inside is nice and soft against your skin. Snug.

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