Gift Voucher

Repairs & Alterations 

Have you been given a £20 Leftover Threads gift voucher? 

 You can exchange it for a small alteration or a repair.

Some examples below

  • Replace a zip
  • Replace buttons
  • Shorten trousers/ jeans
  • Shorten hem/sleeve on shirt/dress
  • Taper trousers/jeans
  • Waist in on trousers/jeans
  • Repair rip.
  • Repair crotch blow on jeans
  • Repair ripped jeans on jeans
  • Patching
  • Visible/invisible mending on knitwear
  • Covering stain

To book or to consult about something that is not on the list please get in touch via email and phone.

If you rather learn the skills instead you can exchange your voucher for a sewing/alteration class. 





sewing alteration
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