Oh the English language! Sometimes so rich with its vocabulary and diversity in words, and sometimes just so limiting. When you say trousers I think of something fairly formal or plain or maybe a pair of jeans at a push.(Even though jeans are jeans right?) When you say pants I think of underwear-knickers- as I live in the UK.  So what do you call them when they are casual, comfortable hippy pants? Sorry trousers just doesn’t sound right. I want to call them slacks! I know what slacks are. They are trousers. So lets call slacks trousers and funky printed comfy slackers trousers slacks. Deal? Thanks.

Here are some slacking slacks I have been making. They are unisex. Sorry guys no pictures yet but will post some up soon as soon as I can find a model. All upcycled from 80’s-90’s bed-sheets and curtains. All one of a kind or super limited edition.

eco frirendly sustainable cotton trousers slacks pants


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