Customised T-shirt Dresses

Did I mention the things you can make from old t-shirts are endless! There are whole books and websites dedicated to the topic.

I wanted to create some dresses that were stylish, comfortable and easy to make.

The “skirt” part I cut from slightly thicker jersey that I had. On some of the t-shirt dresses I  adjusted the sleeve hole a little to make it less gapy  by putting in darts.( I kind of like the slouchy armholes though.) Wear it with a contrasting sports bra. Plus in the summer its nice and airy.


Screen Printing and Bleach Dyeing

I have always wanted to have a go at screen printing.  Of course it had to be creepy crawlies.

We developed three different images. Stag beetle, rain beetle and a flying ant.

Before printing I sprayed some of the t-shirts with a bleach+water solution for more depth. Here are the results.


Customising T-Shirts

Customised Tie Back Top.


So many different style tops can be made with a simple t-shirt. Here is open ties back one that I made in the summer. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take any step by step photo instructions, but hopefully it will still make sense.


  • Cut away the neckline and some of the back leaving some seam allowance.
  • Fold the new hem 2cm and sew leaving a hollow tube all the way along.
  • Crop sleeves to desired length.
  • From the leftover fabric cut a  5cm wide piece long enough to fit through the tube with a little excess to tie. You might have to stitch two pieces together to create a long enough piece.
  • Thread through the tube, adjust and tie.

Modelled by the beautiful Yasemin.

Eco Cotton Fairy Dress

Jersey T-shirt Dress.

There is something really satisfying about a pile of jersey tops aIl in the same tones waiting to be  cut up and re-assembled. Thats probably why I enjoyed making this dress so much.

I started by putting the one I wanted as a top on the dressmaking dummy. The other pieces was then cut up and one by one pinned onto the hem to make up the skirt part.

Pretty pleased with the outcome. I want to make one in washed out grey next. If you want one in your desired colours, let me know!

Remade Jersey Dress

I didn’t really plan to do a colour coordinated photo shoot, but it turned out that way. Great!!

  • The jersey dress in the first photo is made from a black vest top and a red t-shirt that I have added to the bottom of it. I simply cut out the neckline on the red tee big enough to fit around the hem of the black vest top. Then cut up underarm seams to release the sleeve.
  • Deniz is wearing an applique vest top with a red twisted denim skirt.


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