Another festival summer marathon has come to an end! What a great adventure that was. Boy am I exhausted though! Meadowlands, Sunrise, Patchfest, Secret Garden Party, Bimble Bandada, Wilderness, Give!, Brunswick and Bestival. Phew!

The highlight this year (from a work perspective) I guess is that we now have our own marquee to trade from.Yay! Of course its a lot more work with the set up etc but its so worth it. Even though its nice to share a big space and meet other traders its still nicer to have your own.

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Meadowlands was our test run. A small festival situated a few miles from Brighton. We had a chance to do a local set up and see what we needed to sort out before our long season ahead. Sunrise festival was a first for us this year. Really nice vibes plus the sun was out but nowhere near enough people. Such a shame. SGP had much better weather this year. What a difference it makes with a bit of sunshine. Oh Bimble Bandada! What a perfectly formed little festival. Only two small stages and nothing but amazing musicians. Super local too! Highly recommended. Wilderness and Bestival we did with the Secret Emporium again. Which worked out great as at that point we were running low on our stock to fill a 6 by 4 meter marquee.

Its been a good season and I’m glad I did try them all, but wow such hard work. Not sure I will be doing all 9 of those festivals again next year.. Maybe just 5 or 6 but lets not make any promises, who knows what will happen then. Oh and the best bit, is to be back in my own bed….