Summer Kimonos

I really love making these kimonos. Well, they aren’t strictly kimonos, but a floaty summer layer inspired by. They are made from saris, sarongs and any other reusable fabric that comes my way. The trimmings I do buy new from my travels, the rest is all upcycled goodness.

Its a definite winner for the festival season. Put it on over your spandex, pair it with a headdress and you are ready to go!

If you want to get your hands on any of these one of a kind pieces before they go, get in touch. These is only one of each!

Luxury Handmade Kimonos


The sun is out and summer is on its way. Our festival preparations are coming along nicely. We have been mainly busy with making our festival staple, the kimono cover up. It’s a more modern, casual and airy take on the classic Japanese variety. We use vintage saris, cotton sarongs, salvaged trims and a lot of love making these. They are all one of a kind statement pieces perfect for your summer festival or holiday wardrobe. These are all coming to the festival circuit with us, but if there is one you like, get in touch and grab it before it goes!

Modeled by the beautiful Lucinda Kennard. Feather headdresses by Feathered Fantasy.


Oh the English language! Sometimes so rich with its vocabulary and diversity in words, and sometimes just so limiting. When you say trousers I think of something fairly formal or plain or maybe a pair of jeans at a push.(Even though jeans are jeans right?) When you say pants I think of underwear-knickers- as I live in the UK.  So what do you call them when they are casual, comfortable hippy pants? Sorry trousers just doesn’t sound right. I want to call them slacks! I know what slacks are. They are trousers. So lets call slacks trousers and funky printed comfy slackers trousers slacks. Deal? Thanks.

Here are some slacking slacks I have been making. They are unisex. Sorry guys no pictures yet but will post some up soon as soon as I can find a model. All upcycled from 80’s-90’s bed-sheets and curtains. All one of a kind or super limited edition.

eco frirendly sustainable cotton trousers slacks pants


Upcycled Cotton Onesies

I do love a onesie! Comfortable and stylish. Dress it down, dress it up! These are all made from reclaimed bed sheets. Modelled by our beautiful intern Isobel.

Get in touch if you want your very own made from your choice of fabric.

Customised T-shirt Dresses

Did I mention the things you can make from old t-shirts are endless! There are whole books and websites dedicated to the topic.

I wanted to create some dresses that were stylish, comfortable and easy to make.

The “skirt” part I cut from slightly thicker jersey that I had. On some of the t-shirt dresses I  adjusted the sleeve hole a little to make it less gapy  by putting in darts.( I kind of like the slouchy armholes though.) Wear it with a contrasting sports bra. Plus in the summer its nice and airy.


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