Super Onesies

By now I would say I am a pretty confident pattern cutter. But designing a one-piece and making it look flattering is quite a challenge. I wanted a pattern that was powerful but not too boxy and 80’s, comfortable but also stylish.  And as I was planning to reuse kids bedspreads with this pattern it was going to have that cotton stiffness to give it shape. Pleats at the front, and of course pockets!

Modelled by the hot Ra.

How to Bleach Dye Cotton Clothes

We all know that bleach isn’t very environmentally friendly. But if you can update a garment that you weren’t wearing with it, I’m pretty sure it’s more eco than buying new. Also, you don’t need much of it so it gets the go ahead from me.

This is how to;

You will need a dark coloured jersey/cotton piece of clothing.

  • Blend 1:1 bleach and water (1 cup water+1 cup bleach is plenty for 2 garments)
  • Put in spray bottle
  • Crinkle or twist the garment and spray away.
  • As soon as the colour start to change, put the garment in a bucket of water to stop the bleach from developing further.
  • Wash with detergent to get rid of any bleachy smell.

Goodbye boring black clothes! Hello tiger stripes!